No Hot Water?

If you have no hot water, there are basic steps you can take to isolate your issue.

Check to see if you have hot water in your tank.

  • Turn on the hot tap closest to your hot water system
  • Go to your hot water system and check to see if there is heat in the hot outlet pipe before it enters the tempering valve.

If you have hot water in your tank then the issue is with the tempering valve and either needs to be adjusted or replaced. If this is the case call Hot Water Heroes and we can sort this out for you.

If you have no heat in the tank then it is an electrical issue either the thermostat or element, sometimes both.

Generally, your hot water breaker switch will trip when the element needs replacing.

If it is a faulty thermostat the breaker may not trip.

Hot Water Heroes plumbers have restricted electrical licenses that allow us to replace thermostats and elements. Call us on 07 5326 1433

How do I turn off the hot water supply?

On all hot water systems, there is a valve that connects the cold water to the tank/system.

This valve controls your hot water supply.

The age of your hot water system will often determine how old the valve is you are looking for as shown below.

  1. Turn this valve clockwise until closed.

 2. Turn off electricity in your switchboard.