Solar hot water systems take advantage of Australia’s supply of sun light and use solar energy to heat water for household use. A solar hot water system correctly designed and installed on the Sunshine Coast on average will provide between 70 – 90 per cent of your hot water needs free from the sun.

Solar hot water systems come with electric or gas “boosters” to provide the rest of your hot water needs.

There are four types of energy efficient hot water systems to choose from:

Neopower 300L Close Coupled Roof Mount System

Close Coupled Systems

Split Systems: Flat Panel & Evacuated Tube

Heat Pumps

At first glance, solar hot water may seem more costly than a conventional gas or electric hot water system however with solar hot water you are buying a new tank and the equivalent of a 2 Kw solar power system all in one system.

A correctly installed solar hot water system specifically designed to suit your needs will always provide a return on investment.

  • Enjoy free renewable energy from the sun to heat your water
  • No or low greenhouse gas emissions once installed

Call Hot Water Heroes today to discover how much you will save with solar hot water compared to conventional hot water systems.  

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