Close Coupled (Roof Mounted Tank)

Close Coupled Systems have the storage tank above the solar collectors all located together on the roof. Close Coupled systems rely on thermosiphon to operate: cold water from the bottom of the tank falls to the inlet at the bottom of the solar collectors. The water is heated by the sun, rising up through the solar collector and back into the middle and top of the tank ready for use in the home.

Roof mounted solar hot water systems require no mechanical parts to heat the water therefore have low maintenance requirements long term.

These systems are eligible for Government Rebates and Incentives. Find out more

How the Systems Works

Neopower 300L Close Coupled Roof Mount System
  1. Cold water in the solar collector is heated by the sun, and naturally rises to the top of the panel.
  2. The heated water returns to the tank and is stored for later use.
  3. An electric booster on the system ensures the water is delivered to the home at  usable temperature even during the cooler months.