Reclaim Energy / Panasonic C02 Heat Pump 315lt with V1 controller


  • Efficiency efficient.
  • Save up to 80% on your hot water bill  *depending on water usage.
  • Ultimate Flexibility – In-built timer to control heat up cycles to maximise Solar PV.
  • Smart Control – 6 Operational modes all you to take control over your energy costs and consumption.
  • C02 (R744) natural refrigerant with effectively zero global warming potential compared to synthetic.
  • 7 year warranty on controller and heat pump  (refer to owners manual for full warranty details)
  • Multi Tank Capacity options to suit all households 160L, 250L, 315L, 400L
  • Vitreous enamel or Stainless steel and tank options


  • Power Supply: 230 – 240 V
  • Circuit: 10Amp Single Phase
  • Power Connection: Hardwired/isolated
  • Refrigerant: C02 (R744)
  • Tank Material: Vitreous Enamel
  • System Dimensions: Tank 620mm x 1800mm Heat Pump Compressor 672mm x799mm x299mm
  • Noise: 37dBa