How do I turn off my split solar hot water system?

If you have a Split system, where the tank is on the  ground and panels are on the roof use the following instructions:

On all hot water systems, there is a valve that connects the cold water to the tank/system.

This valve controls your hot water supply.

The age of your hot water system will often determine how old the valve is you are looking for as shown below.

  1. Turn this valve clockwise until closed.

2. Turn off electricity in your switchboard. 

How do I turn off my roof mounted solar hot water system?

For roof mounted systems you use the same process, however the cold water valve to be turned off sometimes is hidden in the following areas:

  • In a cupboard

  • Under a sink/basin

  • On an outside wall (as shown above)
  • Under your house or even on the roof.

1.Once you have identified the control valve, turn it off the same way you would a normal tap.

Hot water isolation valve
Example of Hot Water isolation tap

2. Turn off electricity in your switchboard.