Installation of Hot Water Systems

Whether it is installing one in a new house, replacing an old system or upgrading to a more efficient one, when it comes to installing hot water systems you do not want to mess around. It is vital that hot water systems are installed properly because if they are not, then it can lead to issues surrounding comfort, supply and most importantly safety. This is why hiring the right company to install your system is absolutely paramount. Knowing who to hire comes down to many things, one being deciding which type of system that you want for your home. By finding a company that not only offers reputable and high-quality services but is able to install all types of systems, you can be sure to find the right system for your household needs. If you are around the Brisbane region, then Hot Water Heroes is just the right company to go to for your hot water system installation. Experienced with all types of systems but most importantly being an independent company, we are not tied to any particular brand. Seeking advice from an independent company which has a team with the skills to install any type of hot water system means that you will be able to get the system that is right for your home and is not limited by the companies they are affiliated with. Whether you are looking for solar, gas or an electrical hot water system, ensuring that not only you have the right system but one that is properly installed will keep your family safe and the hot water running whenever you need it.

Hot Water System Repairs

Chances are if you have been living in your home for a reasonable amount of time, there will be a time where there may be problems with your hot water systems. These can be minor from a little leaking and a few strange noises but like with anything minor, it can turn major pretty quickly. That is why it is important to get it checked over as soon as possible. A leaking system or strange noises can be a sign of a bigger problem which may at the least mean that your supply is interrupted or at worst can not only cause damage to your home but put the safety of those who live there at risk. Ensuring that you hire a professional to look over your system is vital. While it may be tempting to try and save some money and look over it yourself, the risks that you may injure yourself, damage it further or miss smaller issues is not worth it. A professional has not just the knowledge to diagnose the issue but they also have all the right tools and parts to fix or replace hot water systems if need be. If you hire a company like Hot Water Heroes to check over your hot water system, you can be sure that your system is in good hands. Not only do we have access to all the necessary equipment and parts for all major hot water systems, we can offer a temporary hot water heater while yours is getting fixed or replaced. That means you will not have to go without that warm shower!

Our Services and 24/7 Emergency Plumbing

You can never know for sure when a plumbing issue will strike, but when it does, it can be chaos for all involved. From problems with hot water systems to broken taps or toilets, it is never fun when you need to call a plumber. Which is why companies that offer emergency plumbing services can be an absolute lifesaver. Hot Water Heroes understands this so if you have a plumbing emergency, we are the right people to call. Not only are we the masters in installing hot water systems, we can arrange to fix burst pipes and other emergency plumbing issues. Beyond an emergency though, we can also help with those bathroom and kitchen renovations, unblocking drains, fix those pesky leaking taps and toilets, work on those gutters and downpipes, help install rainwater tanks and give that hot water system that much needed service, amongst a whole range of other plumbing issues. Whether you need emergency plumbing or have a big project planned, Hot Water Heroes has the team, equipment and skills to handle all your plumbing needs.