Knowing When You Need Hot Water Repairs

Just like your car and smoke alarms, a hot water service should be serviced and check regularly – that way if you are starting to have issues, they are able to be nipped in the bud before it gets worse. If you have not been as proactive with getting your hot water system checked, then it is important to understand the signs that could mean that you may need some hot water repairs. Leaks are one of the biggest signs that something is not quite right with your system hence it is vital that you call a technician from a company that is not only adept at hot water repairs but also specialises in leak protection, such as Hot Water Heroes. Water coming out brown or rusty or looking like it is muddy and carrying sediment is another reason to call a technician and if the system is making strange noises. Sounds like popping, cracking or sounding like it is straining, amongst other indications, like the water smelling and/or tasting off or metallic, that something is not quite right. Of course, if your pilot light is on or just something appears to be off, then calling a technician is essential. If left unchecked, damage can be done by the hot water system bursting or bacteria can start growing in the system, both huge safety issues. Getting your system serviced regularly will help prevent these issues compounding but if you do notice something is not quite right, do not delay in getting it repaired.

Why Get Maintenance Completed on your Hot Water System?

Does not matter if it is a car, a laptop, a roller door…if you are not getting something with a mechanical function serviced, then often maintenance issues go unnoticed until it is too late. This definitely applies to something as important and as potentially dangerous as a hot water system. If not correctly maintained a hot water system can burst, which not only may damage the surrounds but can be a major safety issue. Another issue about not getting a system serviced is that if it is left too long between services or never undergoes a service from time of purchase, then the warranty may become void. Not only will the homeowner end up not just having to pay for any damage it causes but have to pay full price to replace the system, leaving the owner out of pocket. Having a functioning hot water system is something that every household deserves so do not leave it up to chance. Regular servicing will even the odds that any issues are nipped in the bud quickly, helping the owner save money on hot water repairs down the track. Bacteria, water damage, exploding systems – all of these issues can lead to major safety issues for the household as well as structural damage to the home. Save on hot water repairs down the track by getting your system serviced, do not take chances with the health and safety of your household. 

How to Save Money with Solar Hot Water Systems During Winter

There is nothing better on those cold winter nights having a steaming shower or a piping hot bath. If you struggle with the cold though, you may find that between running the hot water system and having the heater on that your electricity bill may start to go through the roof over winter. This is why having a solar hot water system can save you money. Next time you are getting hot water repairs or a system service, have a chat to your technician about making the switch to solar. With a solar system, the hot water is powered by the energy of the sun that it stores and with a solar hot water system, you will be charged for the installation but any power that is generated is yours to use without the charge that other energy sources incur. While it may be daunting to rely on the sun, especially over Winter, but most solar hot water systems come with a back-up gas or electrical system so if there is no solar power left, they come to rescue ensuring that you do not miss out on your hot shower. If you do not want to wait till your next hot water repairs, contact a company like Hot Water Heroes on how to get started saving money with solar this Winter.