Quality Hot Water Systems

When installing a new hot water system, there are many factors to consider, whether you are replacing one at your existing property or at a new property build. You need to consider the size of your household and the amount of hot water you generally consume. There’s also the climate you live in, and even the type of roof you have on your home. Here at Hot Water Heroes, our premium quality workmanship and exceptional service are guaranteed.  We are certified, licensed, and insured for plumbing and installation and provide a certificate of compliance. We have seventeen years of experience backing our work. We offer free advice on the type of hot water system that suits your needs best as well as the most optimal location for installation. We also discuss whether a solar, electric or gas system would be the best option for you, your needs, and your location.

The Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

Based on the Sunshine Coast, we at Hot Water Heroes are blessed with copious amounts of sunshine. This is why we have the utmost confidence in the selection and installation of solar hot water systems. We are an independent service thus we are not limited to recommending just one or two brands: we can recommend the best system for your installation. We help you to consider the warranty details and if it includes frost protection. We ensure your roof can withstand the solar system install and select the position that reduces the length of piping required and therefore potential heat loss. Other factors that need to be considered include the positioning of the solar collector to receive the most amount of sunlight and if any large trees may shade the panels. Some felling or lopping of trees may be required to maximise sunlight. Dependant on your property and preference, we have several types of hot water systems to choose from. A roof-mounted or thermosiphon system has both the solar collector and storage tank installed on the roof, which is great for properties with minimal ground space. No pump is required for this type of system, often meaning less maintenance. However, not all roofs have the capacity for this system. This is where a split solar hot water system comes in. The collector tank is installed on the ground with the solar collector on the roof. This does require a pump to circulate the water between the collector and tank. Sometimes an existing water heater can be retrofitted to convert to a split system solar heater. Regardless of which system is most appropriate for you, there is also an electric or gas heater booster to ensure you have hot water all year round.

Electric and Gas Hot Water Systems

Our team of plumbers and gas fitters has extensive knowledge and experience to supply and install electric or gas systems. These systems work by drawing in cold water and using a heating element inside the task to provide your hot water. An electric hot water system also has a thermostat and you can set the temperature you would like your water heated to. It also has temperature, pressure relief, and drain valves and furthermore, the tank is insulated to keep the water at the appropriate temperature. Hot Water Heroes recommends regular servicing, at least once per year, to ensure all the moving parts are in the best condition. We also flush your task to remove any sediment inside, which can prevent optimal heating. Another essential service we provide is the replacement of the anode rod. This is what keeps your tank from rusting and will, therefore, rust before your actual tank will. Our mission at Hot Water Heroes is to provide the best quality customer service for all our clients. By using us, you can trust you receive professional workmanship, unbiased advice and expert knowledge of all hot water systems. Ask us about our same day repair or replacement guarantee so that your household is never without hot water.