Quick Guide to Buying the Best Solar Hot Water System

Choosing the best solar water system for your home can be a challenging affair. If you’re replacing your old one, chances are you’ll be choosing the components of your previous set-up.

However, you must also consider that your house hold needs may have changed after years of use. There might even be better options available on the market. Without research and thinking about your current needs, you may end up with a hot water system which might not be optimal for your current requirements.

It’s vital that you look at different systems while thinking about your and your family’s needs. How many people use it? What’s the size of your home? How many outlets do you have? These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself when looking for the best one.

Different Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

On the Sunshine Coast, there are two kinds of solar hot water systems. One is called roof mounted system. It includes collectors and a tank placed on top of the roof. It saves ground space in your home. The other is called a ground-mounted system. It’s a combination of a ground-mounted tank and a roof-mounted collector. The main advantage of this type is that it lessens the structural load.

Upfront, solar hot water systems are a bigger investment than other hot water options. But in the long run, their efficient running cost will save you money. This is particularly valuable in Queensland, where we have the ideal weather conditions to host a solar hot water system!

Switching to a Solar Hot Water System

If your current hot water system has failed and the hot water repairs on your current system in your Sunshine Coast home didn’t work, consider upgrading to a solar hot water system if you have the budget! In most cases it is a simple process to update to a solar hot water system from either a Gas, Electric or heat pump hot water system.

If you previously had an electric hot water system, the consumption could have amounted to a quarter of your bill. If you opt for a solar hot water system, it will start paying off in, more or less, five years.

On the other hand, the payoff of a gas hot water system will take longer. Over the years the running cost of Gas Hot Water Systems dramatically increased and owners are faced with the continually growing cost of the LPG gas prices and bottle hire.

Government Rebates

A number of state governments deliver schemes for people who choose to go with a solar system. Find out your eligibility by checking out the Australian governments’ energy.gov.au website. Choose QLD to see your options.

All parts of Australia get the benefit called “solar rebate”. It is a financial incentive when you purchase a new solar hot water system from federal government-managed small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

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