Solar Systems Back-Up

One of the things that seems to put people off the idea of solar hot water systems is not knowing what happens when winter hits and there is just not as much sun. While much of Australia does get plenty of sun throughout the year, the last thing anybody wants to be caught without is hot water, especially in winter. Basically, the panels are there to collect the solar energy and store it for when it is needed. In Australia, we are lucky because even in the winter months, our sun is still quite strong so you will be surprised just how much energy it does generate but if you are worried about running out solar energy for your hot water then do not stress too much. This is the reason the majority of solar hot water systems have a back-up system, just in case the energy runs low. Just like how solar panels power a house, by having an electrical or gas system as a backup, you can be sure that you will not be left in the cold if the sunshine has been dwindling. By mostly relying on your solar system, and only turning on the gas or electrical booster when required, you will notice that you will be saving a lot more on your gas and/or electricity bill over the winter months, especially when you want to have those steamy showers or hot relaxing baths on a freezing cold day. 

Tips of Purchasing the Right Solar Hot Water System

Often the purchasing of hot water systems for the household is not a well-thought out decision. When the system goes, you want it replaced as quickly as possible. Not only is a poorly functioning hot water system a safety risk, a life without hot water will quickly become a pretty miserable existence, especially coming up to winter. Therefore, with your quick decision-making skills, exactly what system do you purchase? Do you go with the same system you had before? While that may be the easiest option, you have an opportunity to get a brand-new system that better services your home and this is something that may end up even saving you money down the track as well. You have the choice between electrical, gas or solar, with solar hot water systems generally coming with an electrical or gas backup. Normally, gas hot water systems do tend to come up a little cheaper than an electrical system in terms of your energy bills. The system itself may be more expensive than electricity but if you have the capabilities to install a gas system, then it is a great energy efficient option. Electrical systems may have a bigger energy bill but they can be cheaper to purchase. They are a little safer too and can be installed indoors or outdoors. Solar systems, even though they will come with a backup, will end up being the cheapest to run as you are literally being provided with energy from the sun. While installation and the panels, along with the back up can be expensive to buy and install, you will soon make that back on the money you will save on the bills themselves. You may also be eligible for government rebates. So, when deciding on your new hot water system, quickly weigh up the costs long term and short term, that way you can purchase the right system for your household. 

The Advantages of a Reliable Hot Water System Company

People often take their hot water system for granted but it is a part of the home that not only is incredibly important for day to day life, if something goes wrong it can cause a lot of issues as well as impact the safety of those living in the household. This is why when you are looking for somebody to service or install hot water systems, you want to make sure they are a reputable company that knows exactly what they are doing. As normally a hot water system replacement is often done when the old one dies, it can be tempting to go with the easiest and cheapest option. Leaking systems, systems that are not installed properly or do not work though will end up costing you more in the long run, sometimes more than just money. Our team at Hot Water Heroes though understands just how important it is to have reliable hot water systems so we make sure that every one of our clients is not left in the cold. With efficient installation, the right knowledge for maintenance and happy to offer you the best guidance and advice so you can get the best system for your home, nobody on the Sunshine Coast knows hot water systems the way we do.