The Elements of a Hero, A Hot Water Hero

Hot Water Heroes is a Queensland local and family owned and operated business servicing solar hot water on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gympie. Hot water is an essential element for any household; after all, who wants a cold shower and especially not in those wintery days?! Armed with more than seventeen years of experience in the plumbing and hot water industry, Hot Water Heroes offers exceptional service to our clientele and furthermore, we are efficient, professional and deliver high-quality workmanship. Whether you need to repair or replacement for your solar hot water on the Sunshine Coast, we are the heroes to help! Available twenty-four hours for emergency work, we can also offer same-day repair or replacement otherwise we will even provide you with a loan hot water system so you don’t have to go without. We can carry out installations of gas, electric and solar hot water systems on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane so you can gain an upgrade or more economical system. If your current system requires a servicing, we can undertake this for you; the recommendation is that hot water systems should be serviced every five years. Hot Water Heroes will repair your hot water system at an economical rate if possible to save you from replacing it. We not only repair, service, replace or install systems but we are highly-qualified to engage in plumbing, drainage and gas-fitting requirements so we can undertake repairs and renovations at the same time!

Solar Hot Water Systems Sunshine Coast And Brisbane

Solar hot water on the Sunshine Coast is best served with Hot Water Heroes. This type of system is environmentally-friendly utilising the solar rays to heat your water and enjoy hot showers all year long! The savings on gas and electricity are superb even if you have to utilise the back-up system during winter. All of the solar hot water systems installed in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane come with an electric or gas booster so you will enjoy hot water whenever you need. The utilisation of boosters varies with a few dependant variables such as the system type, household size, hot water usage patterns and naturally, the climate conditions of your area. As Hot Water Heroes is a completely independent company and are not affiliated with any particular brand. This means that we can source you the best product to suite your individual needs and budget. Due our structure we therefore possess the capacity to source and install any type of solar, gas, electric or heat pump hot water systems. Some of the brands we can supply include Solahart, Rheem, Rinnai, SolarArk, Apricus, Dux, Aquamax, Vulcan, Quantum, Hydrotherm, Stiebel Eltron, Bosch, Thermann and Sunrain. There is no need for you to have to conduct piles of research into which system to install as Hot Water Heroes have already accomplished that and we are knowledgable in what systems offer what attributes the best and the brands we can offer are those we consider the most efficient and economical tailored to your needs, not to mention they come with warranties. There are many solar hot water systems for the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane including roof-mounted or thermosiphon types. This means the solar collector and storage tank are located on the roof and are great for households with limited ground space for their system. A split hot water solar hot water means the solar collector is on the roof but the tank is actually situated on the ground. Requiring a pump to circulate the water between these two parts, they are common especially for those roofs that cannot withstand the tank mounted to it. Aside from environmentally-friendly attributes of solar hot water systems, your household can save on your hot water needs reducing your bill and you may be eligible for government incentives.

Trust Your Hero As Our Clientele Say

We at Hot Water Heroes pride ourselves on delivering premium-quality service, repairs, installations and replacement units including the provision of a loan hot water system on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane to suit your needs so you’re never without a nice hot shower or hot water for the dishes and laundry! Our clientele attest to our outstanding service and we are always pleased to have completely satisfied clients with our professional and efficient service. Kaylene Wilson says ‘outstanding service, fantastic advice at a great price. Fast install and impeccable clean up. Couldn’t be happier, thanks Hot Water Heroes!’ while Ryan Cahill reviewed us acknowledging our high-quality workmanship: ‘outstanding customer service and high quality workmanship! Hot Water Heroes were the only business that would actually discuss our options instead of trying to sell us a complete new system. They dropped by and viewed our system, then supplied us a list of options. We made the decision on which option we wanted. They replaced our broken hot water tank for a new Sunrain tank and hooked it back up to our existing solar. They turned up early on the allocated day. Completed in a couple of hours. Very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you’. Hot Water Heroes is your local hero for solar hot water systems as well as gas, electric and heat pump systems on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.