Why You Should Consider Installing A Solar Hot Water System

Rinnai solar hot water system getting craned onto roof for new build

Reasons to Consider Installing a Solar Hot Water System

Many households have turned to green and renewable energy solutions, and some have opted for solar electricity panels for their energy needs. With quality solar panels installation, you can convert solar energy to electricity to heat your household water. You should engage a solar hot water solution specialist who can assist and directly convert your solar energy into the heat pump for reliable solutions. The system could be an additional investment because the government can pay a portion of the investment back through the green incentive scheme. 

At Hot Water Heroes, you can get professional solar hot water maintenance and service besides installations of quality appliances. The benefit of choosing us as your preferred expert is that you get to engage with a team that listens and ensures that you have the right hot water system within your premises. You are assured of getting unbiased information and being provided with detailed quotes that fit your budget. 

How a Solar Hot Water System Can Save You Money

A professionally installed solar hot water system can reduce your water heating costs by over 75% compared to other sources of energy. This is because a good system transfers solar energy into heat energy. To effectively achieve this, solar hot water solutions use a hot water collector whose aim is to receive the heat. To get a system that best suits you is dependent upon your home’s setup and location. 

Generally, there are two kinds of solar hot water collectors: flat plate collectors and evacuated tubes. If your location is prone to frost or experiencing less sunlight, evacuated tubes are your best choice. Regardless of the method you use in heating your water, the system can save you a lot. Although a solar hot water system can be more expensive to buy than other water heaters, the excess costs can be recovered over time through reduced energy bills. For this reason, our hot water systems Sunshine Coast technicians can help install a quality system that you can depend on regardless of the season. 

Why Hire a Solar Water Heater Specialist?

A wrong system for your home can significantly affect your energy costs. For the system’s efficiency, you need to be accurate in the choice of your system’s size. In comparison, a bigger flat plate collector is more efficient and cost-effective than a smaller one. Likewise, the more evacuated tubes you have in your system, the more efficient it will be. At Hot Water Heroes, our solar hot water plumber can install any hot water system and offer an unbiased opinion on the best system available in the market. Different clients have varying needs, which is proportional to their energy needs. Hence, you will require professional advice to assess your water needs, location, roof size, property structure, and budget.

In addition, to identify the decisive factors in your energy cost and savings, an expert is essential to conduct your household’s thorough energy audit. Through the audits, you can optimise the benefits of your installation by introducing cost-effective hot water habits. 

Experience the finest services and 24-hour emergency assistance from your local hot water experts. Hot Water Heroes understands how much hot water affects your household and the need for urgent solutions. Call us for a quote.