Why You Should Get Maintenance and Hot Water Repairs Done

Whether it is a car, a laptop or a roller door, if you are not getting something with a mechanical function services, it often goes unnoticed till it is too late. This applies to something as important as potentially dangerous as hot water system. If these hot water pipes are not correctly maintained, the hot water system can burst which can damage the surrounding and can be a major safety issue for people using it. Having a functioning hot water system is something that every household deserves. Lack of proper care and maintenance would make it less efficient than it is supposed to be. It should also be remembered that the water heating accounts for a quarter of energy use for a typical household. If its power consumption is high, your utility bill will also be high, which is definitely not what you want.

Taking Care of your Hot Water System

There are a few things you should do periodically to care for your hot water heater and ensure that it is running efficiently. It is recommended that hot water repairs and minor maintenance be performed every six months by the dwelling occupants; this includes checking the performance of the temperature limiting value, measuring the water temperature from the hot tap nearest to the water heater with a thermometer, checking the drain line from the safety tray (if one is installed) is not blocked. Make it a habit to look for visible signs of wear and tear of your hot water tank once a month. The sooner you find the problem the sooner it can be fixed, saving your money from the costly hot water repairs or possible replacement. It is also recommended that hot water systems be checked every year so that sources of any problems will be detected and fixed earlier. This will help ensure your hot water system doesn’t break down at all. A professional maintenance service has the skills to spot any issues with hot water systems and address them properly to prevent further damage. The major services in a professional maintenance includes replacing the temperature pressure valve, inspecting all the connections, visually checking the unit for any potential problems, inspecting thoroughly etc. Warning: Servicing and hot water repair must only be carried out by a qualified service technician. Contact Hot Water Heroes to book a service call.

What To Do

Every six months give the relief valve a thorough inspection. As one of the most important element of a hot water system, it must be kept in a good condition so it can properly relieve excess pressure from your hot water system. You can investigate this yourself or hire a professional plumber to check the status. It is also recommended not to wait for the parts to break down and require replacement before you do. This can cause a chain reaction, resulting in the damage of other parts. It is highly recommended that you replace parts regularly or according to manufacturer’s recommendation. For example, the temperature valve should be replaced once every five years. Are you having hot water system problems and need a hot water repair? The Hot Water Heroes are here to make sure you never have to go without hot water. We never want you to have the unexpected cold shower! We are locally owned, family-operated business with over seventeen years’ expertise in the plumbing and hot water industry, this team of friendly hot water warriors can install, service or repair. All repairs, services and installations aim to be completed in the same day so that you don’t have to make alternatives for your cleaning and bathing needs. Our team is very particular about their work environment and finished product. We are fully licensed plumbers, drainer and gas fitter with full solar endorsements and restricted electrical licenses from QBCC so you and your family are protected! Contact Hot Water Heroes for hot water repairs today.